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Depending on your state, cannabis retailers may have closed their doors to adult use consumers, but still offer delivery or curbside pickup to patients. If you haven't made it to your local dispensary yet, and have access to goods and services, consider our shopping tips for the busiest times of the year. 

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Last update 05-28-20


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open and are deemed as an essential service by the State. Under Governor Newsom's Executive Order, the State has defined cannabis workers as part of the Essential Workforce. Delivery, drive-through, and curbside pick-up as well as adherence to strict social distancing protocols is still strongly recommended. More info


On 3/30, the Marijuana Enforcement Division released a memo stating that both medical and adult-use dispensaries may continue operations, as long as they adhere to social distancing guidelines (Governor Polis' previous order prohibited adult-use dispensaries from allowing customers on the premises, restricting them to curbside pick-up only). Dispensaries may also provide curbside pick-up. To facilitate curbside service, online orders for all adult-use and medical locations are temporarily allowed. Doctors can issue medical marijuana cards remotely, suspending the requirement for a personal physical exam. More info

Los Angeles

Dispensaries are open and the County has confirmed that dispensaries are considered essential healthcare operations. Los Angeles County issued an order that closed non-essential businesses and requires all individuals to wear a cloth face mask while visiting any essential business. More info


No cannabis-specific specific guidance has been issued by the City or County. The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment issued an order that advises the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices and mandates delivery, drive-through, and curbside pick up for restaurants. More info

Orange County

Dispensaries are open, no cannabis-specific guidance has been issued by the County. The Orange County Health Officer issued a Public Health Order that prohibits public and private gatherings and mandates delivery, drive-through, and curbside pick up for restaurants. More info


Dispensaries are open. An Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration spokesperson confirmed dispensaries may remain open and do not need additional approval to begin delivery services. The Arkansas Department of Health has issued guidances that advise the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info

San Diego

Dispensaries are allowed to remain open. San Diego's Development Services Department released a memo stating that they will provide dispensaries with best practices on implementing curbside pick-up. Cannabis businesses are "strongly encouraged" to follow these guidelines. According to the memo, curbside pick-up will be allowed for the duration of the public health emergency. More info


Alaska's Marijuana Control Board adopted an updated emergency regulation that allows for temporary curbside pickup of marijuana products during COVID-19. The emergency regulation expires August 14, 2020. Dispensaries can remain open as long as they can maintain social distancing requirements and prohibit gatherings of no more than 10 people in the business at a time, including employees. Consumption lounges have been ordered to close. More info

San Francisco

Dispensaries are open for in-store pickup and delivery. The San Francisco Department of Public Health confirmed cannabis is an essential medicine. Officials released an FAQ that outlines what cannabis businesses can and cannot do. The San Francisco Department of Public Health issued a Shelter in Place Order that requires all non-essential businesses to close until April 7th, 2020. More info


Dispensaries are open, curbside pick up is strongly recommended but not mandatory yet. Governor Ducey has issued a stay-at-home order that ordered all non-essential businesses to close and advises the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info


Dispensaries are open, no cannabis-specific guidance has been issued by the City or Alameda County. The City of Oakland has issued guidances that advise the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info


Dispensaries are open. Governor Lamont's Executive Order "No. 7L" provides temporary rules to enable adequate medical access for patients. Some changes from the order include an extenstion on expiration dates for medical cards, physicians now being allowed to recommend cannabis through telehealth services, and other updated permissions for license holders. A previous order had already deemed medical cannabis dispensaries and producers as essential services. More info

San Jose

The Santa Clara Deparment of Health has prohibited in-store and curbside purchases at adult-use dispensaries. Medical-only dispensaries may remain open. Delivery is still permitted from both adult-use and medical facilities. More info


Dispensaries are open. No cannabis-specific guidance has been issued by the State. State regulators have suggested that home delivery of medical marijuana may be available for registered patients in Delaware under an updated emergency program. The State of Delaware has issued an Emergency Order to advise the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info


Dispensaries are open. Patient re-certification can now be done via tele-medicine until May 8th. The Florida Department of Health has issued recommendations to advise the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open and are deemed as an essential business by the State. Governor Ige issued a Stay at Home order that advises the public on general guidelines for social distancing best practices. More info


Dispensaries are defined as essential businesses and are allowed to remain open. Delivery is still prohibited, however, curbside pick-up is allowed through April 30th for medical patients only. Governor Pritzker issued a Stay at Home order that advises the public on social distancing protocols, closures of non-essential business, and limitations on mass gatherings. More info


Dispensaries are open and permitted to deliver. However, delivery orders must be filled by current dispensary staff, not a third party delivery service. More info


Dispensaries are open. Maine's Office of Marijuana Policy sent a memorandum to Maine's Medical Marijuana Program participants clarifying that caregivers and dispensaries are classified as "other medical facilities," and therefore, are considered part of the essential services. OMP has released updated guidelines for MMMP registrants.  More info


Dispensaries are open. Governor Reynolds issued a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency that takes steps to require social distancing. More info


Effective 5/18 the Mass Cannabis Control Commission released guidelines allowing adult-use dispensaries to resume sales on 5/25 via curb-side pick up only. More info


Dispensaries, growers and processors are permitted to stay open under Governor Hogan's latest executive order. More info


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open. Curbside pick-up is temporarily allowed and encouraged for patients. Governor Walz' extended the states stay-at-home order until May 3rd. The executive order also allows doctors to issue recommendations through telemedicine, extends patient certification expirations, and allows temporary caregivers during this time. More info


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open, for delivery and curbside pick-up services only, during the Governor's order for residents to shelter in place. Dispensaries will need to apply to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency with a delivery and pick-up plan before beginning to conduct such transactions. As of May 14, Governor Whitmer signed an Executive Order that allows for medical cannabis recommendations to be issued via telemedicine during the pandemic. More info


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open at this time. Governor Bullock issued a directive that defines licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and licensed cannabis cultivation centers as essential healthcare and public health operations. More info


Dispensaries have yet to open in Missouri, however the state does not believe that COVID-19 will slow down the development of the medical program. The state still expects cannabis sales to take place by the end of spring or early summer (our research indicates that its more likely that Missouri sees its first sales later in the year). More info

New Jersey

Dispensaries are open and may use curbside pickup. Caregiver registration fees are now $20 (originally $100). More info


Dispensaries are now required to cease in-store services including curbside pickup. However, dispensaries are allowed to provide delivery services to consumers. Per the Department of Taxation, the Marijuana Enforcement Department has implemented virtual vehicle inspection procedures to help licensed retailers increase their delivery capabilities. More info

New Mexico

Dispensaries are open. The New Mexico Department of Health issued a letter to all cannabis stakeholders which states that medical cannabis Licensed Non Profit Producers (LNPP) qualify as essential services. More info

New Hampshire

Dispensaries are open. The State's Therapeutic Cannabis Program (TCP) is encouraging patients to designate a caregiver so that if patients become sick and cannot safely and responsibly access their ATC, they will have an alternative way of acquiring therapeutic cannabis, via their Designated Caregiver. To that end, the TCP is waiving the Designated Caregiver application fee, beginning immediately and through June 30, 2020. More info

New York

Dispensaries are allowed to remain open, however, the State encourages pick-up at the door or through online delivery. The Department of Health is allowing all licensed delivery services to expand their scope statewide without seeking the Department's prior written approval to facilitate social distancing requirements. More info


Medical marijuana dispensaries are considered as essential healthcare and public health operations. The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has adopted a resolution to permit medical marijuana dispensaries to temporarily conduct sales to patients and caregivers outside the dispensary (curbside pickup).The State of Ohio's Board of Pharmacy released requirements for maintaining clean and sanitary practices for medical marijuana facilities. More info

North Dakota

Dispensaries are currently open. The state has asked for all non-essentail businesses to close, but Governor Burgum has not required residents to shelter in place. More info


Governor Stitt’s Executive Order advises the public on general social distancing requirements, but does not mention cannabis businesses specifically. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority tweeted that cannabis businesses are considered essential services and will not be required to close during this time. Regulators are allowing curbside pickup during the coronavirus pandemic. More info


Dispensaries are open. Governor Brown's updated Executive Order recommends that businesses adhere to strict social distancing protocols. Oregon regulators have approved rules to allow for curbside pickup at licensed retail locations. Sales limits have been increased for medical patients. More info


Dispensaries are allowed to remain open as they are classified as "pharmacies" and are deemed as an essential service. Governor Wolf has temporarily suspended regulations regarding cannabis to allow patients to receive their medicine through curbside pickup. Registered caregivers are also able to deliver medicine to patients during this time under the Order. More info

Rhode Island

Medical dispensaries are open, deemed as critical retail businesses. Rhode Island's Department of Business Regulations is also allowing licensed compassion centers to provide home delivery and curbside pickup during the panedemic. More info


Dispensaries are open for the typical
limited hours until the full roll-out of the Medical Cannabis program. The Governor has declared a State of Emergency through an Executive Order and has issued general guidances for the public. More info


Medical dispensaries are currently open and offering delivery. Governor Scott's Executive Order urges individuals to adhere to social distancing protocols as part of their mitigation efforts. Dispensaries receieved a memo from the state describing new rules and procedures that have been put in place to allow access for qualified patients, including the delivery of cannabis products to patients and caregivers in a vehicle parked in the dispensary lot as well as temporarily extending the expiration date on registry identification cards for patients, caregivers, and staff for 90 days. More info


The Liquor and Cannabis Board is not requiring marijuana retailers to close at this time. To promote social distancing best practices, they are encouraging the use of curbside pickup as long as establishments adhere to general guidelines. Drive-thru windows are restricted. More info


Public Safety Canada released updated guidances that define medical cannabis dispensaries as an essential service. Many of Canada's provinces have also deemed cannabis businesses and producers as essential. Refer to each Province's guidances for more clarification on cannabis during COVID. More info

Washington D.C.

Medical dispensaries are currently open, having been classified as essential businesses. Emergency rules announced by Mayor Bowser and the Department of Health allow for curbside pickup and delivery. More info

British Columbia

The British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch issued a policy directive that allows licensees to sell non-medical cannabis products through the business's online or telephone services. Products must be picked up and paid for on the licensee's business premises. More info


Alberta's government has deemed cannabis retailers as an essential service and can remain open but, as with all other essential services, must adhere to proper risk mitigation strategies. This includes sanitizing frequently and setting appropriate distances between customers. More info


Quebec's government lists Société québécoise du cannabis and their government-owned cannabis stores as priority commercial enterprises. Stores are allowed to remain open at this time. More info


On 4/7, the Government of Ontario released an updated order that temporarily allows adult-use dispensaries to offer delivery and curbside pickup, a change from the previous decision to remove dispensaries from the list of essential businesses. Cannabis producers can also remain open. More info

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